Quinetic Wireless Switch 1 gang Grid - No Wiring. No Battery. Easy Installation.

QU Grid 1
Quinetic Wireless Switch - Grid - 1 gang

Quinetic Wireless Switch 1 gang Grid - No Wiring. No Battery. Easy Installation.


The Quinetic wireless grid switch is compatible with Varilight Powergrid system
and can be installed into Varilight Powergrid plates.


The Quinetic wireless grid switch is compatible with MK grid plus system
and can be installed into MK grid plus plates.

These Grid systems have slightly different looks and suit different clients preferences, MK is only available in White, Whereas Varilight have extended their range to include White, Black, Chrome & Brushed Steel. These can also be integrated alongside existing switches where some remain as wired and additional can be Wireless.

It can be used with the standard or with the dimming Quinetic receiving controller.

It has a built-in micro energy generator - when the switch is
pressed the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy.

This transmits a signal to the receiver
to turn the lamp or other load on or off.

This solves the issue of having to install switch wiring
which has been a problem ever since the invention of the lamp.

Can be used along side mains voltage gridswitches

No Wiring. No Battery. Easy installation and usage.


  • Work Type: Push Button
  • Power Source: Micro Energy Acquisition and self-powered
  • Communication Model: FSK
  • Work Frequency: 433Hz
  • Number of Keys: 1 (1 gang)
  • Life Time: 200,000 times on/off
  • Control Distance: 30m (indoor)
  • Control Method: Pairing with Quinetic Wireless Controller
  • Compatible with Varilight Powergrid Plates or MK Logic Plates
  • 3 Year Warranty


This unit can be installed to completely eradicate any damage to walls through channeling or unsightly Trunking running down the wall for the installation of cables between switches and light fittings. The cost of Re-plastering, Re-decorating  and Inconvenience caused far outweighs the cost of these Modern installation systems, Together with a great choice of associated switches you can have your whole house running on our system with the added WIFI compatible units which can also be controlled by Mobile devices and Alexa / Google Home etc.


Prices quoted include basic installation where a power supply is already at the fitting or Switch position where this has a Permanent Live, Neutral & Earth present. In some cases alterations or further wiring may be required which will have an extra charge.