Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver for Dimmer Switch 1A

QU RW01 1A wifi
Quinetic Receiver WIFI module Dimmable upto 1A.

Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver for Dimmer Switch 1A

The WiFi Quinetic wireless receiving controller with a high-efficiency switching power
supply has a wide voltage range with excellent stability and durability.

It can be controlled by a smartphone APP (iPhone and Android) and has a load capacity of 1.0A.

The WiFi wireless receiving controller is equipped with an in-rush current suppression function thus creating a safe and durable product.

Wireless Quinetic energy switch and wireless receiving controller can be paired
with any combination: a controller can be controlled by a maximum of 10
separate switches, a switch can pair an unlimited number of controllers.


  • Amazon Alexa & Google Home compatible:
    The WiFi Quinetic receiver can be controlled by Amazon Alexa & & Google Home APP - just add the skill "Smart Life" to Alexa APP and then discover the device in Alexa APP " Smart Home"
  • Voice control can be used in Alexa
    "Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light"
    "Alexa, set bedroom light to 50 percent"
    "Alexa, brighten/dim bedroom light"
  • The Android and iOS app can be used to pair the Quinetic switches to the WiFi receiver, to turn the light ON/OFF and set the brightness of the controlled lamps. In order to add the receiver to the phone APP the phone and the receiver must use the same wireless router.
  • Trailing edge dimmer
  • Rated: 1.0A
  • Max: Loads:
    LED: 100W
    Other: 200W
  • Must use with Quinetic Switches with Dimming option

Standby Power Consumption
QURW01 dimming: <1W

Height: 31mm
Length: 89mm
Length: 98mm inc lug
Width: 43mm

Indoor: 30Mtrs
Outdoor: 80Mtrs (approx)


This unit can be installed to completely eradicate any damage to walls through channeling or unsightly Trunking running down the wall for the installation of cables between switches and light fittings. The cost of Re-plastering, Re-decorating  and Inconvenience caused far outweighs the cost of these Modern installation systems, Together with a great choice of associated switches you can have your whole house running on our system with the added WIFI compatible units which can also be controlled by Mobile devices and Alexa / Google Home etc.


Prices quoted include basic installation where a power supply is already at the fitting or Switch position where this has a Permanent Live, Neutral & Earth present. In some cases alterations or further wiring may be required which will have an extra charge.